Saturday 5 November 2016

Editor's Notes

dear PP Enthusiasts/Friends,

hope the past few months have been treating you all well!

two things new to start with::
1/ here at poetry pacific press, we are to release around the christmas time 6 sino-foreign editions of create abundance 《创造丰盛》authored by zhang xinyu; for each edition,  there will be 10,000 copies available, which are being printed right now in shenzhen, china. the six editions are: chinese-german, chinese-russia, chinese-portuguese, chinese-arabic, and chinese-hindi.
2/ several pageviewers have in recent months posted their personal or even commercial messages in the 'comment' area of our blogsite, but as a rule we never publish such non-poetic 'comments'.

some statistic facts that might be intriguing to share (and record)::
1/ as of the cutting time of 4 november, our total pageviews are 207,411.
2/ the top 10 country sources of audience are:
United States
United Kingdom
for a biannual, basically one-man started whimsically four years ago as an irregular blog-based poetry outlet (in which we have invested no money and extremely limited computer time and technology), this is unquestionably a truly remarkable achievement, which has surely outperformed many literary e.publications, including some hosted or funded even by well-established institutions;
3/ the top 5 most pageviewed posts are:

Entry                                                           Pageviews
3 Poems by Robert Sheppard                     2665
    4 Mar 2013, 1 comment      
2 Poems by Gershon Ben-Avraham          1059
    5 Nov 2014, 1 comment      
3 Poems by JoyAnne O'Donnell                 679
    20 Apr 2016                        
3 Poems by Ai Qing                                       539
    5 Aug 2014                          
2 Poems by JoyAnne O'Donnell                529
    5 Aug 2014                          

4/ the top 3 most pageviewed months are:
July 2016 (10,218 pageviews, with over 7,000 noticeably from russia alone between 19 and 29),
October 2016 (8,447 pageviews), and
May 2015 (8,120 pageviews).
this shows our monthly e.circulation has been increasing steadily, despite our switch from a quarterly publication to a biannual one last year.

two old points to call attention to again::
to submitters in particular: there are two important changes we have introduced to our revised submission guidelines:
1/ when submitting to PP, please paste up to 5 poems together with a brief 3rd person bio note in the body of an email to us - this will help reduce our computer time;
2/ for those who have work accepted, please wait at least one year after publication in PP to submit new work again - this will allow us to feature more authors.
in addition, please be reminded: we prefer shorter truly lyrical poems...

in this issue, we are honoured to showcase 3 visual artists and 69 poetry composers. 

thanks so very much, dear PP readers and contributors, for your continuing support of our Magazine, and happy reading/writing!

with warmest regards from vancouver for a pleasant wintertime ahead,

-PP editorial team

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