Saturday 5 November 2016

1 Poem by Valery V. Petrovskiy

The old record

As I wished
to forget your voice,
I started
my favorite

 I was trying
to recollect                          
 your image,
I opened a softback                          
with some poetry…

But one day
I had no bookmark
with your name
left in
and found the disc

Should I
start reading
the book afresh
not to lose you
for good…


Как только я хочу припомнить образ
Моей прежней любимой,
Я открываю давнюю книжку
На заложенной странице...

Когда я мечтал забыть твой голос,
Я ставил любимую пластинку...
Но однажды она разбилась,
А я вытянул закладку из потрепанной книжки.

Неужели, чтобы не потерять тебя совсем,
Я должен начать книгу сначала?


Valery V. Petrovskiy is an international author from the Chuvashia region of Russia. His prose has appeared in journals from around the world, and he is a Pushcart Prize nominee and a finalist to the 2012 Open Russia Literary Contest. He is the author of short story collection “Tomcat Tale” (Editura StudIS) and eBook “Into the Blue on New Year’s Eve” (Hammer and Anvil Books). He has his poems published in Blue Lyra Review, The Missing Slate, Fine Flu Journal. Valery lives in Russia in a remote village by the Volga River.

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