Saturday 5 November 2016

2 Poems by Robert Walton


Flickering, flaring
Between black pines'
Sawtooth shadows
Drew me.
Always brightest
After midnight,
Filled an empty circle,
For no faces
Leaned in,
No smiles shimmered
Like glass ornaments.
Not eyes,
Gleamed upon a last
Sapphire breath
Of embers.
Only silence,
Deep as mountains,
Huddled close.

Published on “Little Eagle’s RE/VERSE in 2013 and in Song of the San Joaquin Journal before that. It also won a 2nd place prize in The Georgia Poetry Society’s 2010 contest.

Dawn Snow,

A long gown falling
From ridgeline shoulders,
Brushes branches
Jeweled with ice.
Deer steps beneath pines
At the edge of silence.
Light blooms
On cliffs above,
Not orange,
Not gold,
But offering a new day,
More than the sum
Of its parts.

Published in “Avocet” in 2011 and on “Your Daily Poem” in 2013


Robert Walton is an experienced writer with several dozen poems published.  His novel Dawn Drums was awarded first place in the 2014 Arizona Authors Association’s literary contest and also won the 2014 Tony Hillerman Best Fiction Award.  He is a retired teacher and a life-long rock climber.

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