Saturday 5 November 2016

2 Poems by Xu Xing


就象镰刀 放倒自己心爱的女人
磁性的月光穿过午夜 化着水 化成雾

你是一株麦子 在我的麦田里
等待收割又害怕收割 你熟透的心

我不是一个浪子 所以
和责任的堤坝 那扇水泼不进的大门

The harvest season of wheat

I can't resist your fingers.
Just as the scythe put down his beloved woman
The magnetic moonlight through the midnight watering into the mist
Woke up the sleeping birds in the forest

You are a grain of wheat in my field
Waiting for but also afraid of harvesting, your mature heart
And your body as flavor as the ripe wheat grain
Both fear to turn into the sun’s fragments and offerings

I am not a prodigal, so
Before the harvest I would have repaired the granary of love
And the responsibility of the dam, the door keeping water from pouring into
Namely is the watch of our whole life......


独坐于黄昏 我看见忧伤在父亲的额头叹息
他打满老茧的手上 落日正一点点滴落和苍老


虽然眼含残疾 但父亲发誓
101能让光头变森林 当然也可以让大山回春

父亲向村口走去 转过一道弯就是山外

Father and the bird

Sitting alone in the dusk I saw sadness on his forehead sigh mutely
He’s got calluses on his hands, and the sun is setting and getting pale little by little
The bird could not find the homing looking at him sadly
Expecting the moonlight cut to pieces by branches to keep warm at midnight sound or singing

But the old well at the entrance of the village which has been exuberant for several generations is dying
Reclamation machines such as a drunken sickle cut out the hill’s black hair and the hopes of the farmers
The rows of trees fell down like earthquakes and aftershocks
Hitting Father in the heart so painfully and sorrowfully

The bird circled over Father's head and then it didn’t have the heart to fly away
At last with its long sighing cry left to say goodbye to Father
Although Father had a disability in the eye but he swore
He must find a good doctor to cure the disease hill
101 could make the bareheaded hairy of course it could also make hills in spring rejuvenation

Father walked to the entrance of the village, rounding a bend and going outside the hill
At the dim light of night there left the tiny spots of Chinese tobacco and his green shadow behind......

英译/王光娟 Translated by Wang Guangjuan



Xu Xing, born in November 1962 in mianyang, sichuan, is a media reporter and member of The world Association of Chinese poetry, Chinese Poetry Academy, and The Writers' Association of Sichuan Province. His works has appeared in the People's Daily, People's Literature, Poetry, PLA Literature, Prosopisia, Eastlit and 130 other publications. He has won awards both at home and abroad. Now he lives in mianyang in sichuan.

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