Saturday 5 November 2016

2 Poems by Ksuhal Poddar

Summer Exams

I bend and squint,
fail to see my mind.
How low may it sink?

My shadow,
already baled,
I drag and haul all the way
across the concrete.

Summer examines
soft skill of the birds.
Throwing back one's head
and up the chin
is in vogue.

I bend and see
my face looking up
from a puddle on the street.

In Monochrome 

When I turn black
all you have to do
to find me
is whiten everything.


Kushal Poddar, widely published in several countries, presently lives at Kolkata and is editor of the online magazine Words Surfacing. He authored ‘The Circus Came To My Island’ (Spare Change Press, Ohio), “A Place For Your Ghost Animals” (Ripple Effect Publishing, Colorado Springs), and “Understanding The Neighborhood” (BRP, Australia). His forthcoming venture is "Scratches Within".

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