Saturday 5 November 2016

2 Poems by Mary Bone

Moisture Runs Deep

My tears ran in rivulets
And joined with the rain,
Becoming torrents, washing out the pain.
All moisture returned to the sea,
Combining forces, the rain and me.
Flooding endlessly-
From deep within the heart of me.


I was in awe looking
At the aurora borealis,
I was so fascinated by the auroral corona.
There was glory all around me
And I was in the midst of many brilliant colors.
There was a display of green, red, blue, pink and purple.
What a skyfire in the heavens!


Mary Bone of Wilson, Oklahoma, has been writing poetry since the age of twelve. She graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma, with a Bachelor of General Studies Degree in 2006. Mary has had two books of poetry published and has been published in magazines, journals, newspapers and online blogs. Her poem, “Other Warriors”, has been accepted by The Oklahoma Today Magazine for the July/August issue. Mary enjoys painting and drawing in her spare time.

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