Saturday 5 November 2016

1 Poem by Samantha Fisch

Yours Truly, Exclusion

I like to keep you outside my window.
Watching through a looking glass
As you are ostracized in silence.

I do not leave you stranded,
On a remote island
With no map and no help,

Nor have I locked you away
In a cage in my basement
With no light and no escape,

No. I have chosen to keep you
Near in my sight but out of mind
Like the last leaf on a barren tree
Forced to stare at his peers
Mingle in the pile below
So I can pluck you off
And become your only companion.


My name is Samantha Fisch, I am a third year Psychobiology and premed student at UCLA. I grew up in San Ramon, California, a quiet suburban city in Northern California. I've been writing poetry since grade school, but have written in private as an outlet and source of introspection and self reflection. I grew up in a warm loving home with an older brother with chronic medical problems, which encouraged me to look within myself to what I have, what I don't have, and which of these things I should focus on changing.

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