Saturday 5 November 2016

3 Poems by Mardelle Fortier

The Color of Roses--Skated by Yuka Sato

Small and oriental
bending like a flower

She floats in air
granted wings by a fairy godmother

When she turns
white petals whisper of symmetry
of play and reverie

She spins
her dress the color of things
weightless and vanishing

Only the 5-petaled fragrance of love
on ice holding peace like a wild rose

Music the hue of a prism
drifting in mist

Only the body keeps time

Soul flies
in a piano-splash of leaps
and gleams

Only the ones who believe
ever see what they dream


I am music
I am a diamond over diamonds
I am fire

Like shadows on snow
I glide   I spiral
while violins dance with me
Flying, quicksilver as in my dreams
then the slide into a death-drop spin
Ice glitters, giving me power
if it does not destroy me
does not break me
Ice lends me elegant fire
Quickly in blue mirrors
ice carries me
toward my desire

THE BLAZE: Yuka Sato and Jason Dongeon

They skate together,
each flame liquid enough
to blend with another flame.
Flaring, dancing, flowing,
flinging, mingling
they slide so close
on ice of rose and ruby glaze.

Two flames cannot destroy each other;
one makes the other bigger.
Burning away distances between them
burning away logs of discord or doubt,
they fly;
golden, yielding to bliss,
rising to the urge to trust,
they curl together
more fragile than satin or a violin
as fragile as magic.


author of poetry book WHITE FIRE; published 100 poems and won many contests; past president of Illinois State Poetry Society; editor of poetry at DuPage Valley Review.

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