Saturday 5 November 2016

2 Poems by Ryan Dodge

In Media Res

This is neither the end nor the start
Nor moonlit thoughts from late nights
But the yearnings of a broken heart

Pulling the strings till I rip apart
And flailing I fall, a failed kite
This is neither the end nor the start

I think therefore I rage: is that right Descartes?
Itching for any reason to lash out and fight
For the yearnings of a furious heart

Throwing poison-laced words like darts
Watching who I am decay under bright lights
This is neither the end nor the start

I stare at the Pacific, wanting to depart
This earth. And walk till I lose breath and sight
Of the yearnings of a desperate heart

Not seeking an out, not a simple restart.
Just a way to keep moving forward in spite
Of the yearnings of this shattered, still-beating heart.
For this is neither the end nor the start.

Painting Walls

I would rather beat these walls with my fists
Till the paint changes from green to red
For that would be a better use of my blood
Than the bleeding my heart does for you


Ryan Dodge is an aspiring poet and writer, who enjoys writing a variety of poetry and fiction, specifically science fiction. He also enjoys music, both listening and writing, and reading many books. He has previously been published in Jellyfish Whispers.

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