Saturday 5 November 2016

1 Poem by George Gad Economou

a hot summer dream

the deep blue sea
expanding vastly.
calm waters,
no waves, no wind.
only an endless dark blue;
under the surface
all the monsters swim,
creatures free and unhindered,
obeying no rules,
not caring about the world of the dry land.
in the bottom
countless wrecks lie idly,
protected by the sharks,
hiding their secrets and treasures
away from all eyes,
and the monsters swim
despite the sudden breeze,
and they are still alive,
despite the violent storm erupting.
it's always the same for them,
swimming free, unburdened of all rules.
a single smile
from faraway,
the mermaid of fairytales old
waves and pleas.
another victim claimed,
yet another soul
searching for the absolute freedom
in the darkest pits.


George Gad Economou, born in 1990 in Athens, Greece, is currently a Master's student at Aarhus University, working on his thesis on social epistemology and preparing to return back to Athens and unemployment.

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