Saturday 5 November 2016

1 Poem by Richard Stokes

Matter of Opinion

Coal-black against falling snow, ravens
roam the grocery lot. Probing and pecking
at what could be food, they waddle about
and with oft-blinking eyes they scan
parked cars for lunch eaters who might toss scraps.
As I make an entry into my journal
one bold bird flutters to the hood of my car
and struts closer to see what my hands may hold.
He cocks his head, blinks his eyes twice,
rules out any value in my scribbling and
flaps away to check out the bed of a pickup truck.


A retiree of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and a Juneau, Alaska resident of 44 years, Richard works seasonally as a Gastineau Guiding naturalist in Juneau. He writes often about nature which he loves and aging which he is doing. His wife, Jane, is a Juneau artist.

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