Saturday 5 November 2016

3 Poems by Cynthia Linville


Here I am
in this dark morning
sinking into the noiseless sky

sinking into
the black-blue
that is you

that is
nothing to do
with me

Mistaken Dramas

There is no cat
no hot tin roof

no spot of blood
no dagger

The ice cube trays
don’t hold our tears

and Hamlet
never knew Yorick

Contrary to the Mad Hatter’s claim –
we are not insane.


Hardly anything holds us up
in these haunting winds.
The man with black-night eyes
is too ready
to pry open
this crate of hardcover remnants:
pages flapping loosely
in our exhausted yesterdays.


Cynthia Linville, a 2012 Pushcart nominee, has taught writing in the English Department at California State University, Sacramento since 2000 and has served as Managing Editor of Convergence: an online journal of poetry and art since 2008. Her work has appeared in many publications and several anthologies, and her two poetry collections, The Lost Thing (2012) and Out of Reach (2014), are available from Cold River Press. Also a photographer and performer, Linville occasionally appears with musicians, including Victor Krummencher of Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker. She invented a poetic form dubbed the Linvillanelle which is profiled here:

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