Sunday 5 May 2024

1 Poem by Becky Ventura

States of Being

In Tennessee, violence rains down, fists and clubs.
Cowardly buzzards destroy him, invent excuses.
Our hearts, hurt, crack open.  Grief.

In Michigan, the phone rings.  It’s your mother.
“I’m feeling my own mortality”, she says.
She is as frightened as she is brave.  Courage.

In New York, she plunges 86 stories, finds repose
in a cavernous divot created by her fallen body.  
Her gloved hand clutches a string of pearls.  Death.

In Nebraska, a lamp sparks, her bed catches fire.  
Her sister sleeps, the collie doesn’t bark.
Her father rips down a curtain, smothers flames.  Gratitude.

In Oregon, he sits, unfazed, in a Japanese-style garden.
On this little bridge, water flows, thoughts float.
He hums, meditates, unaware and aware.  Ananda.

In Alaska, sun shines on the mountaintops.
Green again, spruce trees welcome warm rays.
Rebirth, recycle, renew, life stirs.  Hope.


Becky Ventura grew up in Nebraska and now resides in Michigan, USA.  She is a retired music teacher. In April 2019, she received the Dearborn Mayor’s Arts Educator Award with US Congressional Recognition.  Becky’s published poetry chapbook is entitled Radiant Jukebox. Her poems have been published in Poetry Society of Michigan’s anthologies.  Becky’s mentor is Judyth Hill. Becky’s life is enriched by music. Musical form and expression influence her writing.

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