Sunday 5 May 2024

1 Poem by Gary William Ramsey


In the shadows of my mind I wander,
avoiding the sunlight of truth.
The cool shadows mellow the heat,
caused by the presence of you.

The shadows are consumed by darkness
and your face is the light to behold,
but it fades and fades and fades
As reality attempts to take hold.

So in the Shadows of my mind I wander,
avoiding the sunlight, quite lost.
I stumble blindly in the darkness,
alone, paying the ultimate cost.


Gary William Ramsey was born in Monroe, North Carolina. He graduated from Western Carolina University with degrees in Business Administration and Social Sciences. He enjoyed a highly successful career in retail, achieving the titles of President and CEO of two major U.S. corporations. Gary lived in 17 different locations in the USA and has traveled to numerous countries around the world. He uses these experiences in his writings. Gary presently resides in Cape Coral Florida. He is the author of 11 novels and a book of poetry.

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