Sunday 5 May 2024

5 Poems by Allen Yuan

Every Youthful Moment

Paving his own
Road, never backing

He does what he wants,
How he wants,
When he wants,
Making the light shine.

He has faith
The future
                                      He’s facing towards.

Enjoying the golden age,
Remembering every page,
Of his life,
Written or unwritten,
He gives it his all, hoping he will not
Every youthful moment.

Here in This … Antlike Moment

Here … in this … antlike moment
Arise … my spirits
Illuminating… my own shadow

They’re up… against the dark cloud
Ready to join… in a heavy storm
Shooting… like… a thunder

Now I see… the unlimited sky
Besides …the cracking light
Now …I know…… my ………fate

Pardon My French: “America Is the Earth Fucker”

As soon as the Indian summer is over
A newly old Turk
Who always talks in plain English
(About anything as American as apple pie)
Will put an end to this Mexican standoff
(By way of a deep French kiss?)
Before taking French leave
And then going Dutch
(With Dutch courage, of course)
For some real black Russian
Despite all those Chinese whispers
Which are totally Greek to him
Even if he has to take a slow boat to China
Where there’re simply too many chefs
And not enough Indians

Diphthongs Deconstructed

Wakie wacky, you dum dum
Stop dillying dallying, &
Don’t wishy washy
Or shilly shally
But chop chop
Let’s leave the hurly burly
All the wishy washy, or
Whim whams of this market

And join each other inside out
Becoming lovey dovey
Even palsy walsy
To complete our souls with hocus pocus

Freegments: 10 Random Reflections

The biggest success for me
Is to live an enjoyable life  
The meaning of life, if any at all
Is yet to create one for yourself
Poetry is truth, good or beauty
Perceived beyond immediacy
The most fascinating fact of my life : All I have
Gone through are published as poetry or fiction
A smile on your face can drop on the ground anytime
Only an inner joy will keep your soul uplifted forever
Skin pleasure is strong, bone pleasure enduring
While spiritual pleasure is as strong as enduring
It’s not the wind but the lost souls rising from under-
Ground that are storming through the cement forests
Go dream a bluish dream, where
I will join you in body as in soul
So many black tears are contained in the red-hearted
Melon as if we’re all imprisoned in a sweet universe
The highest ability is to live a simple life
After one has undergone all complications


Allen Yuan, author of Traffic Light, is a 2-time Pushcart and 2-time Best of the Net nominee. A co-editor of Poetry Pacific, Allen currently works as a financial analyst in Vancouver. Since grade 10, Allen has had poetry appear in more than 70 literary publications across 16 countries, which include Cordite Poetry Review, Literary Review of Canada, Poetry Scotland, Shampoo and Spillway.

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