Sunday 5 May 2024

1 Poem by David R. Topper


Ode to Joy – Stone-deaf & wrote a symphony.
                        Gives me hope.
Joy to the World – Not part of my universe.
                        But enjoying the music.
There’s no joy in Mudville – The town’s in mourning.
                        Come on, it’s just a game.
Joystick – Playing these incessant games.
                        Better off in the f-r-e-s-h air.  
Killjoy – Oh, acting out a scurrilous sport.
                         Spawning misery.  
Cojoin – Yet, still in quest of the amorous.
                         Tho’ not just anywhere.
Rejoice – Ah, being aware & wrote a poem.  
                        Gives me hope.


David R. Topper is a published writer living in Winnipeg, Canada, who derives pleasure & satisfaction from writing, as well as sharing his writings with family & friends – and others, if they want to read his work. His work has appeared in Mono, Poetic Sun, Discretionary Love, Academy of the Heart & Mind, and elsewhere.

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