Sunday 5 May 2024

5 Paintings by David Boyle

Artist's Statement

I began painting desert scenes and jungles as I was fascinated by these when my mother took me to visit friends in the sixties and there would be foreign pictures and sculptures of more exotic locales than my home in New Zealand. These(now retro) black woman and African landscapes fascinated me and I found myself returning to these art forms when I started with the oils in the mid nineties as I felt they still retained that mystical draw. Having owned ten motorbikes and scooters I soon drew on this passion and had my woman riding large bikes and sidecars through these landscapes. Over the years I made a whole other world in my art with skeletons on motorcycles, old fashioned British policemen, witches, a giant black cat, nuns, and The Elephant Queen an elephant that accompanied many of these characters. It’s nearly always women that purchase the Motorcycle women and some people buy the art for their children who grow up with them and take the canvases when they leave the nest. I hope to put together some children’s books using these images one day. My website is boyleswellington



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