Sunday 5 May 2024

2 Poems by Michael Shoemaker

Moonshine on Water

Between awake and asleep
I see a still sapphire lake
Smooth as glass
Silvery sheen
From moonshine
And mistiness
I cast off in a canoe
No owner or price
Floating from shore
Lying in the stern
Oneness with the lake
As if floating on the surface
Stillness and joy
Mixed like hydrogen and oxygen
Flowing beneath me.
Soft, simple, serene.

(Previously published in the Beckindale Poetry Journal and Utah Life Magazine)

Pride is a Lonely Station

When pride arrives
people depart
leaving nothing warm
or lasting.

Whom pride invades
thoughts slice inward
as a surgeon’s scalpel.

Where pride resides
it oozes through cracks
pulling apart relations
widening bafflement

Warning: Who pride rules
is left alone
listening to a fading
horn in the distant
inky dark.


Michael Shoemaker is a poet, writer, and photographer. His poems and photography have appeared in Beckindale Poetry Journal, the Nightingale Poetry Journal, Writers on the Range,, Utah Life Magazine, and elsewhere. He lives in Utah near the Great Salt Lake with his wife and son. Michael enjoys gardening and pickleball.

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