Sunday 5 May 2024

5 Artworks by Phyllis Green


Artist's Statement

My favorite artists are Chagall. Matisse, Picasso, Klimt, and Basquiat. I took up art late in life thinking all I wanted to do was write. But when I felt I had told all the stories I had in me I bought a small box of acrylics and began painting. I like to draw people, birds, flowers and animals. I also admire ancient Greek statues so sometimes they are in my paintings to honor the ancient artists.

Ideas seem to drop onto my head so that's what I paint. I don't always understand what I paint so I'm quite horrible about writing an artist statement. Sometimes an idea comes and I realize I can't draw it. Then three minutes later it appears on my canvas with me holding the pencil. Quite mysterious, yes.

At any rate I've been very lucky to have over one hundred paintings accepted in literary journals. So I paint on, not quite sure what I'm doing but doing it anyhow.


Phyllis Green is an author, playwright, and artist/photographer. Her work can be found at ArLiJo 123, Rip Rap, Inscape, Cinematic Codes Review, Superpresent, I 70 Review, Talking River and other journals.

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