Sunday 5 May 2024

2 Poems by Andrew Weatherly

Tracking Time

The birds are watching
every red oak leaf twitch
the ferns’ teeth wobbling
the trees’ buds swell
and you and I stalking
footprints through their forest
as if it were our own
Then twittering announcements
to keep all alert
to the passing of time

Light between Shadows

creep like racoon on silent claws
clicking and ticking down my hidden cave
search for forgotten fruit
golden glimmering in forgotten twilight
is it desire
is it chaos
is it knowledge
is it good or evil
is it locked inside
an oaken box with cold iron latching peripheries
that only a trickster like you can breach
to lick up the brassy juice
of long lost memories


Andrew Weatherly lives in Asheville, North Carolina where he hears inspiration from dying trees, Hawaiian shirts, fires, and other poets. He is blessed to teach kids to think for themselves, dance in the streets, and slip off on pilgrimages to sacred mountains. He’s been published in Axe Factory, Visitant, Cordite, BlazeVox, the Literary Nest, Delta Poetry, Blue Lake Review, and Inlandia. Look for more of his poetry upcoming in Clockwise Cat and Evening Universe.

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