Sunday 5 May 2024

1 poem by Brenda Mox


 In the silent intimacy of night,
time in flight drops fine old feathers
of delight.
A potent, inexorable entry
to the center of soft plunging.

What there was in the moment
was everything,
a subtle unmistakable
in the invisible flame
of another consciousness,
so intimate, yet so utterly
out of touch.

Curious quiver of exchanging
a new stirring nakedness emerging
in pathetic two second spasms
of creativity’s shifting diversions.

Birds of desire asleep
in interlaced intricacy
of long slow habits
of intimacy.
The world is vast
and ghastly without
the courage of tenderness.


Brenda is a poet and visual artist living on the shore at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. She is a MFA graduate from Old Dominion University many moons ago. Her work has been published in Wingless Dreamer, Bewildering Stories, Down in the Dirt Journal, Blaze Vox, Ariel Chart, Neo Poet, Discretionary Love, Corporeal, Heart and Mind, Edge of Humanity Journals, Eber and Wein Anthology and Poetry Pacific.

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