Sunday 5 May 2024

1 Poem by Sherry Healy

Father I Trust

Oh father, my heart is broken, this is true.
You have stood by me, always I knew.
Your reaching arms protect me now.
I wish to stay somehow.
I believe in you, I must.
Maybe, this I trust.
You see, father tree, I need protection, you see.
Men have come to extract me now.
I see they are here somehow.
Tools in hand.
You won’t see me again.
Perhaps, father, I have left a seed.
It will grow and replace me, a tree.


Sherry Healy, artist, author and communicator has created stunning written art works in many venues. Encouraging others in their pursuit of expression, she has not only shared her own work at various galleries, but also lead several poetry groups, hosted a magazine Q&A forum, and created a successful national radio program, published poet.

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