Sunday 5 May 2024

2 Poems by Mark Harbinger

Springtime is for Poetry and Self-Love, You Idiot (Part One)

“Don’t hug me,
it makes me feel fat,”
Mom said to me
when I was a skinny, little kid.

She was fat. I had to be, too—
if that was what it was took
to be able to hold her
—in my mind.

There's a Certain Way

There’s a certain way of the first morning sunlight. It surprises you.

It’s not the sudden, sharp angle
or the way it glistens on the clinquant leaves.
It’s that you didn’t see it coming—like a snail at your feet.
It shimmers and sparkles, refocuses the senses. It is just

As though it was always there and you were the one who just arrived.


A retired attorney, IT educator, and nonprofit manager, Mark enjoys being a father, husband, and proud servant to Murray A. Goodness (the cat).

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