Sunday 5 May 2024

1 Poem by Frances Gaudiano

TLC Required

It was small and shrivelled
But still alive.
It just needed to be watered
With tears.
Of those she had plenty.

She wrapped it,
So weak and vulnerable
In thick layers of soft cloth
And held it to her breast,
Come my heart
You can beat again.
Be alive.
Dance with my dreams.
The story is not over yet.


Frances Gaudiano is a veterinary nurse by day and a writer in all her spare moments. Her novel, The Listener was published last year and two other projects are in the editing stages. Additionally, she has had poetry and short stories published in a variety of journals and is the author of a textbook on Veterinary Dermatology. Currently, she lives in Cornwall (England) with two dogs, a husband and a frightening teenager.

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