Sunday 5 May 2024

1 Poem by Shannon Presby


Hoofs pound
rushing thousands
beating dusty ground
blasting through fences
trampling sense
the thrill and still and fill
of you,
of You,
oof ooo
Fair and fine as out of time
             another age of Fierce
the rhyme of Yes distilled
Billed in overbearing buckets
up the hills
across the empty plains
            at last plateau
            by the light of you
           in the work of you
           the bright of you
           the right and fight and sight of you
           with the shine of you
          by the curve of you
          the swerve of you
          the word and verve unheard of you
Of you
          and only you


Shannon Presby is a writer based in Los Angeles. He was raised by beatniks, spent more than twenty years working in the criminal justice system and likes good brown ale. Shannon is a current student in the MFA program at the University fo California Riverside - Palm Desert (class of 2025).
His short story Soundtrack will be published in the Summer 2024 edition of the Kelp Journal.

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