Sunday 5 May 2024

1 Poem by L. Sydney Abel

Haunting phantoms are better left in darkness

The old school psychologists are obsessed with the past
whilst up-to-the-minute self-help ones focus on the present
The new reasoning of thought:
pinning wellbeing firmly on the future

Are we inmates of our past
living in the present
unable to see what our future should be
Balanced thoughts start when the truth is set free

Looking for something that was never mine
Toeing that path
walking that line
Not any more shall I hold back the truth
An eye for an eye
tooth for a tooth
That edge was razor sharp without reason
I accept its pain
now in my last season

Think carefully:
haunting phantoms are better left in darkness
for the future holds the light
Does ‘then’
and ‘now’
and ‘what’s to come’
share the same madness?


L. Sydney Abel is an author of psychological fiction and poetry. He was born and raised in Kingston upon Hull, England.  His novel 12:07 The Sleeping is based on personal experience of sleep paralysis and his forthcoming book The Soul Spook continues this theme. He has also written and illustrated several children’s books and a Y/A novel Timothy Other: The boy who climbed Marzipan Mountain, the first in a series of three. Poetry is his personal escape in his book of emotive words Tongue is a Fire and the upcoming One ASYLUM. Social Media:

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