Sunday 5 May 2024

1 Poem by Gabriel Gonzalez

Midnight Mirror

This silent pool reflects the midnight sky,
Coated with a thousand stars that fly.
But here they rest, within the dark
With peace and calm so very stark,
And paint on earth the worlds so high.

When sunrise comes these lights shall fade;
By glow of day, stars are betrayed.
This midnight mirror will be naught,
But a quiet pool, it’s grace forgot;
Till once again, sun falls to shade.

By night this pool shimmers with shine.
By day its image is not so divine.
Two ways we see, just one sublime.
Yet the only change is that of time,
And the way the worlds above align.

How might we see, not once but twice,
A thing so different as fire and ice,
And all as well so much the same;
Changed only by its worldly frame.
What words could possibly suffice

Plain by day, and beautiful by night;
No single word describes that sight.
So perhaps there only is one way:
To name it by both night and day.
And see two truths that each are right.


Gabriel Gonzalez is currently a high-school student, but is pursuing his love of writing on the side. Gabriel was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia and in the future, he plans on studying moral philosophy at university while also continuing to write.

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