Sunday 5 May 2024

1 Poem by Michael Theroux


When lightning strikes Kansas
(small children glue to mothers and dads
bright faces    ears covered    frightened glee)

When bolts fly thick and quick
purple sky vibrating
air gap crackling
twixt cloud and ground

Heaven plugs into Kansas
        (blast furnace force licks prairie memories
                  once tall grass    now    mown for fodder)

Quivering light line for the Firmament:
heavy, heavy cable for our soul motors

God-juice pulsing,
          blowing Winter’s fuses,
                 turning on Spring

I fly a bright silver mind-kite
           Feed me light  
                          feed me light


Michael Theroux writes from Northern California. His deeply published career has spanned botanist, environmental health specialist, green energy developer and resource recovery web site editor. Entering the creative writing field late in life at 72, Michael is now seeking publication of his cache of art writings which include two novels and perhaps 400 poems and short stories. Some of his shorter works may be found in Down in the Dirt, Ariel Chart, 50WS, Academy of the Heart and Mind and the Lothlorien Poetry Journal.

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